this will eventually be a full replacement for my desktop.

until then, a screenshot [last updated 11 Nov 2001], which doesn't do it any justice, really.

see, the thing is, further is based on an animation system-- a screenshot doesn't show any movement. when a task ends, it fades off of the task list; when you move the mouse over the current music, an xmms control bar slides into view.

the technologies:
  • evas
  • sawfish (or maybe oroborus?)
  • xmms
  • my brain

  • the completed modules:
  • task switcher
  • launcher
  • clock
  • xmms control
  • cpu load

  • backgrounds can be found
    on this site.

    downloads? no.
    use cvs.

    join the mailing list
    to keep up with development.

    or, read archives of further-devel.