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From: Chris Ball (
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 20:19:36 PDT

On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 08:10:12PM -0700, Evan Martin wrote:
> As it stands, I think it isn't worthwhile to add all of the additional
> code to make further reconfigure itself on HUPs.

Kickass. That'd be great.

> Functions?

Hrm. No, I think we could manage without. They shouldn't be need to be
used often enough to make just duplicating the code a bad idea..

> Conditionals?

Definitely not. We can manage all that in the C, imo.

> More rewrites to the plugin API will be required, of course...

That's fine. The number of plugins makes it perfectly managable, at the
moment. Let us know when you think it's vaguely stable, though - myself
and Ed are going to try CPU load etc using Evas-enhanced graphics, and
it could be quite a long one, and annoying to rewrite immensely..

> I just remembered that my CS final project is due tomorrow and I haven't
> started (it's 8pm here). OK, this can wait a few days. :(

No probs. We're all in the midst of finals anyway, to be honest. It's
not a bad idea. Good luck with it all.. (I'd offer C help if it's
needed, but I hate C[1], and I'm not very good at it either, as some parts
of Mail show quite well. :-)


[1]: But not enough to not be doing this. If there were perl bindings
for Evas, mind..

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