[Further-devel] Plugins: xmms/launcher

From: Chris Ball (chris@cpan.org)
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 11:13:32 PDT


Ed and myself have made some plugin changes. We've got xmms giving a
minutes:seconds through the current track, just above the control panel.
Ed's also got the mouse wheel changing volume when over the applet.

Mail's been changed just to report inbetween the clock and where the
date is put. It's fairly system/font specific, but it shouldn't be too
difficult to customise. And it looks nice, and less like mail is part of

Ed's also written a function to launcher (add_icon()) that allows for
multiple icons, and for the icons to be defined in a plaintext
(.launcher) file that's read on startup; no more recompiling.

I think that's about it. There's a screenshot at
http://printf.net/newfurther.jpg, and a tarball of diffs at
http://printf.net/diff.tar . It's a lot less kludgy than some of the
recent (*cough* mail *cough*) stuff.

Evan, take a look when you get a spare few minutes? Feel free to change
as you want - we're fairly sure you'll see things that we could be doing
a lot better.



Chris Ball.
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