[Further-devel] glib

From: Evan Martin (eeyem@u.washington.edu)
Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 21:19:17 PDT

I now use glib for the main loop, including the timeouts.

The glib docs say:
        "...the time of the next timeout is recalculated based ont eh
        current time and the given interval (it does not try to 'catch
        up' time lost in delays)."

I think this might be bad. Everything *feels* a bit slower due to this,
but that can be fixed by adjusting timeouts[1].

The real issue is whether things remain smooth. If you look at the
scrolling XMMS bar, it seems to kinda jiggle as it moves. (I think
there's a bug in the scrolling code that causes it to jump slightly when
it wraps; this is not what I'm talking about.)

If you're bored, CVS update, and tell me if it feels broken.

I'm considering using glib only for the GScanner system, if even that.
It may be fun to write my own config file parser.

[1] speaking of adjusting timeouts, some good system configuration options
would be

another fun option would be
which would let you make everything be black-on-white (mmm, sexy).

Evan Martin - martine@speakeasy.org

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