[Further-devel] CPU status plugin

From: Ed Lea (ed@cus.org.uk)
Date: Sat Jun 16 2001 - 13:26:20 PDT

I finally got the chance to finish hacking a sort of CPU status plugin
for further this afternoon (me and Chris have been talking about it for
weeks). It's not great, but it seems to do the trick
without effecting the actual values its reporting on too much. It's a
simple linux hack that reads from /proc/stat every second and sees the
difference, reporting user and system cpu loads as percentages.

I just wanted to write a plugin with a sort of bar-graph in it. I've put
a screen shot here: http://www.jellybaby.net/~ed/further.jpg and the
code http://www.jellybaby.net/~ed/cpustats.tar.gz

As far as I know it's pretty stable and workable, the colours and things
may want some tweaking, but its sort of there. I may work on a BSD port
once I get my new hub so I can plug my FreeBSD box in somewhere.


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