Re: [Further-devel] Stuff.

From: Ed Lea (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 01:08:47 PDT

Quoting Chris Ball <>:

> > (BTW, Xlib? What language? I thought you were a Perl geek... :P)
> I am! I work with perl and love it to bits, but I\'m also a CS/Maths
> student and the Evil Powers That Be have given me a year or so of
> C courses so far; I\'m vaguely happy hacking things like Xlib code
> or further, though I tend to annoy by saying \"Hey! You could do all
> this in ONE LINE OF PERL!\" and writing said line way too often. :)

Luckily that doesn\'t get at all annoying. Oh wait, no - I\'m wrong :)


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