[Further-devel] Config Files

From: Ed Lea (ed@cus.org.uk)
Date: Sun Aug 05 2001 - 11:16:33 PDT

I've hacked around with Evan's config system so that it reads from
config files now. I'm not sure how this fits in with Evan's master plan
for further, so I won't be too bothered if the code doesn't make it into
the CVS - it works for me, so I'm happy for the moment.

I've put a diff at http://www.jellybaby.net/~ed/further.diff

(there's a chance the cpustat plugin will break because I've been using
a new FreeBSD version and just bolted on some stuff without being able
to compile it anywhere) as well as that it needs
to be extracted to ~/.further. It doesn't do quite everything yet, but
its a start.

It works by calling variable_read_file() after each of the old variable
declarations. This way it can know if the variable its reading from a
file is a float, a string, a color or a font def. It also looks for the
background image in ~/.further.


"Do you know, I think it is? I really think it might just be a crazy little thing called sarcasm seeping in at the edges of my manner of speech!"

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