[Further-devel] CVS commit: plugin positions

From: Evan Martin (evan@livejournal.com)
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 18:50:23 PDT

CVS Log:
        Cleaned up plugin conf API.
        All plugins now require an "x" and "y" value:
         o positive numbers mean coordinates
         o -1 means right-aligned against edge of screen
         o other negative numbers mean position is relative to far edge
            of the screen.

I updated conf/rc to reflect a working configuration.
If you're missing a value further expects, you now get a reasonable
error message (before it segfaults :P).

I haven't updated the cpuload plugin yet, but that's because I'm lazy.
There's some weirdness there with the bars overlapping, too--
Because transparency is an option, having two bars overlap means that
the lowerbar bleeds into the upper bar...
That's bad, I think?

I changed the XMMS plugin recently to not have the time display bars

    Evan Martin

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