Re: [Further-devel] commit

From: Ed Lea (
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 18:34:45 PST

On Thu, Nov 01, 2001 at 04:50:42PM -0800, Evan Martin wrote:
> New launcher. The plugin name is "l2".
> It reads your ~/.further/launcher . Click on the background to pop it
> up. I think it looks pretty damn cool. :)

That is very cool. It may even be enough to motivate me to finish my
pop3/imap mail plugin... I just need to work out why I can't get pthreads
to compile in properly on FreeBSD


"Do you know, I think it is? I really think it might just be a crazy little thing called sarcasm seeping in at the edges of my manner of speech!"

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