[Further-devel] Installing further.

From: Chris Ball (chris@cpan.org)
Date: Mon Dec 24 2001 - 10:27:03 PST

Quote Evan, a while ago, in livejournal land:
>Justin installed further and had problems with it because I haven't
>documented anything and the rest of it sucks

I've written a small document to try and help with that, covering
downloading/building/configuring/running/troubleshooting further.

It's written in LaTeX, and the source is here:

The source compiles to a single HTML page nicely like this:
   void:chris~ % latex2html -split 0 -no_subdir -no_navigation
                 -show_section_numbers -info 0 further.tex

And produces this:

Hope it helps. I guess a text version could be an 'INSTALL' file in
the main tree, and an HTML version as a tutorial on the site. It's
written from memory of my last install, so there might be a step or
two that I'm missing; please hack it to shreds. :-)

While I was writing it, I found a typo in the main tree's 'README':


Merry Christmas, further-type-people.

- ~C.

Chris Ball.
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