Re: [Further-devel] battery meter

From: Chris Ball (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 17:44:50 PST

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 04:57:12PM -0800, Evan Martin wrote:
> I've added some checking code on my copy that prints error messages when
> it can't load fonts/images that should reduce a lot of the FAQs.

That sounds good. Perhaps it might also be an idea to create a
datapath/further.log with stdin redirected, so that people running
further from xinit don't have to kill and relaunch from a shell to see
that sort of thing. Up to you.

> Do you have a sourceforge account? I could give you a subdirectory on
> the further site for your tutorial...

I do; that sounds good. User 'thoric'.

- Chris.

Chris Ball. ||

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