[Further-devel] cvs commit

From: Evan Martin (martine@cs.washington.edu)
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 22:03:44 PST

I gotta stop, but I figure some of you may want to play with this.

- Updated copyrights.
Copyright me 200[12], but I didn't touch the plugins.

- Added battery and l3 plugins.
I changed the code of l3 a bunch to make it fade the icons nicely
everywhere and managed to break some of it.
There were memory leaks already related to the commands being tied to
the icons; currently, we're using strdup() and never freeing that.
I think there's a better way to design it, and maybe I'll work on that
later, but I got distracted by other things.

- Added further_log() and tried to use it everywhere.
Also some wrapper functions around loading fonts and images that make it
print a warning if the font didn't load. Needs improvement.

Finally, tried to do some of the rendering to a file (./further -r if
you want to see it, but the path is currently hardcoded, but): it
doesn't work. Looked at the evas source a bit (wow, it's ugly, but I
can't really talk 'cause my source is ugly too) and I'm beginning to
think I may not be able to do it.
(I need to switch the evas renderer at runtime to render the current
screen to a file; I can't do it at startup because I need the screen
display so you can interact with the mouse...)

Generally frustrated and overwhelmed.
Just need sleep, I think.

      Evan Martin

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