Re: [Further-devel] FreeBSD build tweaks

From: Evan Martin (
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 16:15:18 PST

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 12:00:44AM +0000, Richard Clamp wrote:
> Have just built further on FreeBSD, attached is a patch to the
> Makefiles, and some notes about dependencies/building. Hope they're
> useful.


> in addition to evas further requires GNU getopt, this is in the package
> libgnugetopt, available through the ports collection

Ack! I probably just introduced this in the latest changes. Is there a
FreeBSD-compatible way of parsing command-line options? I don't mean to
introduce dependencies (the command-line options right now are all
> the Makefiles also expect GNU make, so install the gmake package
> cd /usr/ports/devel/gmake && make install

That may be unavoidable. I don't know how different GNU make is from
FreeBSD make... it seems I'm not doing anything too strange in the
Makefiles, but I was raised on GNU...

> -CFLAGS=-g -Wall `evas-config --cflags`
> +CFLAGS=-g -Wall `evas-config --cflags` -I/usr/local/include

Is this to pull in the getopt headers?

> all:
> - for i in $(SUBDIRS); do (cd $$i && make); done
> + for i in $(SUBDIRS); do (cd $$i && $(MAKE)); done
> clean:
> - for i in $(SUBDIRS); do (cd $$i && make clean); done
> + for i in $(SUBDIRS); do (cd $$i && $(MAKE) clean); done

That's a good idea.
Thanks again! I'm sorry the code is so messy... lemme know if you have
any further (heh) input.

A lot of the functionality is undocumented, to, so feel free to ask if
you have any questions.

      Evan Martin

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