[Further-devel] Release.

From: Chris Ball (chris@cpan.org)
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 13:38:22 PST

So, I think we should start looking at a first release of further. Many
people are trying to use it, and we're not really helping them by having
an unhelpful amount of customisation needed before further can be run.

I don't know if people (well, Evan) agree on looking at a release, but
these suggestions should apply regardless. They're the sort of things
that I think further needs before a release:

 o Better documentation.
 o An automagic interactive configurator for rc files, asking you
    questions, writing your rc, and most importantly checking that it's
    likely to work. I'm happy to write this in perl.
 o A Mac OS X-style launcher. I really want to get this going, because
    it's perfectly possible and something no-one else seems to have done
    yet. People would like it a lot, I think.
 o A decent implementation of plugins-as-threads.
 o Another look at the Xlib implementation, maybe trying to remove the
    requirement on sawfish in gnome mode.

I'm sure I'm missing many things out. Is there anything else anyone'd
like to see before an initial release and some publicity?

- Chris.

Chris Ball.
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