[Further-devel] battery applet, v0.7

From: Simon Batistoni (simon@penseroso.com)
Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 04:19:21 PST

I should really have released these incrementally, but my laptop
always seems to be called to something more important when plugged
into a network :)

With various suggestions from fellow laptop-using furtherers, and a
few things that I wanted to do myself, I've improved the battery
applet to (in no particular order):

1) Use neat little pixmaps instead of text to show the on/offline

2) Work properly when no battery time is available. This was
prompted by an old Compaq Armada of mine which my housemate Paul is
currently using. The bios doesn't give a time estimate, so I patched
it so that we fall back to a textual percentage where the time would
normally be displayed.

3) The height adjusts according to the parameter "battery.y", set in
the main further rc file. This is just the application of a patch by
Tom Insam (Jerakeen). He has also patched the cpu meter, I believe,
although I don't think it's made it to the list yet.

4) The battery indicator will start pulsing gently when battery life
is < 15%. Other people *may* find this annoying, and I may include
an option to turn it off at some point, but I find it darned handy.

Umm, that's it.

I'm not sure how people want to merge this into CVS - I don't have
access personally. I've released it as a new tarball rather than a
diff, cos the changes are fairly extensive, and I've also included
the battery and plug pixmaps that I knocked up in gimp. These should
live in $furtherroot/data/battery.

The tarball will spew out an appropriate "data" and "plugins"
directory wherever you untar it. Each of these simply contains a
"battery" subdir.



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