Re: [Further-devel] and so it begins.

From: Evan Martin (
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 21:08:25 PDT

On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 02:57:55AM +0100, Chris Ball wrote:
> Just a quick mail. Algorithms final in five hours. :)

Yikes... good luck. :)

> > Right now, the default further setup only makes a few assumptions:
> > - you have two fonts: "tahomabd.ttf" and "georgia.ttf"
> > - your background is dark
> > - you have a /usr/share/gnome-terminal icon (and gnome-terminal is your
> > terminal)
> + - you have a /usr/share/pixmaps/goat.png, and loserjabber installed..

I don't think I use that... do I?
Oh, I don't use icon.c at all, yet. I haven't decided how switcher will
work; I already need to rewrite a bunch of it to use a linked list of
tasks instead of a stupid array. (I was interested in making it *work*
first, before I did it right; I know that an array is the wrong way to
do it. :P)

> > BTW, I have a bunch of code to commit to CVS...

> Let me know when it goes live. I've got things running on FreeBSD, but
> at the moment the launcher appear to be non-existant and all of the text
> is going immensely glitchy on me. Just compiled the demo/ in evas, which
> works fine. Any idea what could be wrong, and how you can switch between
> hardware/software/x11 rendering with the Evas API? Might be useful to have
> as an option.

I could start adding command-line options.
Currently, you can modify line, uh, 36 of further.c, where it calls
evas_new_all(), and switch RENDER_METHOD_ALPHA_SOFTWARE to one of the
other render methods in /usr/include/Evas.h .

I wish I had a FreeBSD box to play with this on; maybe I'll install it
on my Windows machine. :)

Also, I saw in your screenshot that you had transparent terminals. How
does this work? gnome-terminal won't let me set the transparent
option... maybe it only will work with Eterm?

Evan Martin -

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