Re: [Further-devel] and so it begins.

From: Chris Ball (
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 00:43:40 PDT

On Tue, May 22, 2001 at 09:08:25PM -0700, Evan Martin wrote:
> I don't think I use that... do I?
> Oh, I don't use icon.c at all, yet. I haven't decided how switcher will
> work; I already need to rewrite a bunch of it to use a linked list of
> tasks instead of a stupid array. (I was interested in making it *work*
> first, before I did it right; I know that an array is the wrong way to
> do it. :P)

That explains lots. Duh. Sorry.

> I could start adding command-line options.

It's not /that/ important. I think we can wait for a Proper Option in
some sort of Proper Configuration File. My ideas about how to run the
config file tend to change daily and be fairly meaningless, so I'm not
commenting on that too much. Just.. keep it something very
Human-readable (XML is nice, but..) and let me write some silly gtk to
manipulate at the same time.

> I wish I had a FreeBSD box to play with this on; maybe I'll install it
> on my Windows machine. :)

Hah! Go for it. :-) I can.. give you an account on my, uh, firewall,
and then my FreeBSD box, and you can export back from there. In England.
Or not. Hrm. Actually, at least with regard to Evas there's probably no
difference at all. All standard protocols and all that. It's very nice
otherwise, anyway. The *really* cool step will be getting Evas running
on my SGI with hardware GL. :-)

> Also, I saw in your screenshot that you had transparent terminals. How
> does this work? gnome-terminal won't let me set the transparent
> option... maybe it only will work with Eterm?

Well, two things. Yep, I'm using Eterm, and I'm also Blatantly Cheating.
Eterm isn't aware of further's background (and won't let you set --trans)
so I'm Esetroot'ing the same background as further first. TMTOWTDI. :o)

Right, I'm off to fail an exam on three hours sleep. :-)

Chris Ball. ||
"1 is equal to 2 for sufficiently large values of 1."

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