[Further-devel] ANNOUNCE: Mail plugin.

From: Chris Ball (chris@cpan.org)
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 17:54:25 PDT

Hi, all.

Ed Lea <ed@jellybaby.net> and myself have come up with a quick plugin to
show the status of your mail spool just above the xmms plugin. It, uh,
glows prettily when hovered on, too, and launches $mailclient when it's
We'd be grateful for comments, and fixes if they're needed. The archive's
at http://printf.net/mail.tar.gz - just unpack to plugins/ , compile and
append 'PLUGINPATH "/mail/mail.so",' to the list in further.c. There's a
settings.h for sizes/positions/font/mail client.

Evan, we'd be delighted if this was included in further. What do you
think? All things being well, we'll knock up a cpu load plugin tomorrow,
as well. Oh, the things you get done when you should be studying for
finals.. :-)



Chris Ball.
chris@cpan.org || http://printf.net/
"You said Java, that's as bad as "Belgium". --trj"

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