[Further-devel] backgrounds

From: Evan Martin (eeyem@u.washington.edu)
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 19:50:17 PDT

I've uploaded some more photography by the same artist as the original

Photo credit is due to Ryan Dunn (a friend of mine, who'd be proud to
know you like it):

Hightlights of the photos for backgrounds:
 - atom.jpg (this is my friend At0m - http://x0r.org)
 - bluebridge.jpg
 - halo.jpg
 - lamppost.jpg
 - playing.jpg

Maybe I should just hack up a thumbnailing script... blah.
Any perl masters around?
        $id = `identify $filename`;
        if ($id =~ /(\d+)x(\d+)/) {
                ($width, $height) = ($1, $2);
Or something like that... :P

Evan Martin - martine@speakeasy.org

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