[Further-devel] mail plugin

From: Evan Martin (eeyem@u.washington.edu)
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 19:35:33 PDT

OK, I've committed my changes to the mail plugin to CVS.
 - used new API for plugins; all further functions are prefixed with
   furtherp_ .
 - used further's fade function for the fading. I may have broken
   something here, too, but it seems to Work For Me.
 - modified the spool-checking code to be a bit faster.
   read() is unbuffered, so read()ing a byte at time is slow.
   fgetc() is nicer, and there are some additional tricks we can do to
   not analyze too many characters.
   There are a few other speedups I can do, but this'll do for now.

Current notes:
 - This just tracks how many messages are in your inbox. I currently
   have 49 messages. I'd like to track new messages, too... maybe I
   need to do some digging in the gkrellm mail check code.
 - On that same token, I have a list of mailboxes I'd like to check, in
   the same way that gkrellm does.

Finally, I'm not sure what the scrolling code is for... the text doesn't
seem too wide. I didn't touch that code at all, so apologies in advance
if I broke something.

There's also a problem in the CVS with the processes scrolling in. I'll
get on that soon, but just know now that sometimes it gets kinda confused.
But did you notice the fading out bit? It's rather pretty, IMHO. :)

I've been working on LiveJournal (my "job") all day, so I'm kinda tired
of programming for a bit.

I noticed the shot on Ed's page. Good to see that other people are
profiting from this. I think a configuration system would be worth
designing ASAP... I'm getting tired of seeing every desktop with the
same picture. More on that in another mail.

Evan Martin - martine@speakeasy.org

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