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From: Chris Ball (
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 07:02:26 PDT

On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 07:35:33PM -0700, Evan Martin wrote:
> OK, I've committed my changes to the mail plugin to CVS.
> Basically:
> - used new API for plugins; all further functions are prefixed with
> furtherp_ .
> - used further's fade function for the fading. I may have broken
> something here, too, but it seems to Work For Me.
> - modified the spool-checking code to be a bit faster.
> read() is unbuffered, so read()ing a byte at time is slow.
> fgetc() is nicer, and there are some additional tricks we can do to
> not analyze too many characters.
> There are a few other speedups I can do, but this'll do for now.
> Current notes:
> - This just tracks how many messages are in your inbox. I currently
> have 49 messages. I'd like to track new messages, too... maybe I
> need to do some digging in the gkrellm mail check code.

I had a crack at this yesterday, and failed miserably. I have no idea
what to do to keep track - every piece of code I found just uses
timestamps on the spool file to tell you whether you have old mail or
new mail. Which sucks.

> - On that same token, I have a list of mailboxes I'd like to check, in
> the same way that gkrellm does.

Okay, good call. In a bizarre twist, I don't actually /use/ my local
spool - I ssh and run mutt from there - so I'm going to miss out picking
up on things like that. :-)

> Finally, I'm not sure what the scrolling code is for... the text doesn't
> seem too wide. I didn't touch that code at all, so apologies in advance
> if I broke something.

It's for when you were told you had 'new' messages. (Which made the
string too wide)

> I noticed the shot on Ed's page. Good to see that other people are
> profiting from this. I think a configuration system would be worth
> designing ASAP... I'm getting tired of seeing every desktop with the
> same picture. More on that in another mail.

Yup. It's not going to be too much fun, but definitely needs to be done.

>#define MAIL_CLIENT_CMD "gnome-terminal -e mutt"
>/* hah!
> * i use mutt, and so will further (by default),
> * until i get a configuration language working...
> */

People's hero! :-) (Ed's the pine user..)


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