[Further-devel] Configuration

From: Evan Martin (eeyem@u.washington.edu)
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 20:10:12 PDT

So I guess it's time to consider the configuration system.

As it stands, I think it isn't worthwhile to add all of the additional
code to make further reconfigure itself on HUPs. If it starts taking
too long to boot, I may change my mind, but it'd be a *lot* of code
that's only hit in a rare case. Ideally, every program that's written
for further will only have the plugin as its UI, so it won't be awful to
just restart it arbitrarily.

(For example, consider the possibility that they relocate a plugin in
the configuration file: every evas object that this plugin made must
also be relocated, so we must begin tracking evas objects in the
plugin... blah.)

So what do we need?

  sys::font = "somefont";
  clock::font = "differentfont";
  # xmms::font remains the system font


  xmms::x = sys::dpy_width - xmms::width;
  mail::x = (sys::dpy_width/2) - (mail::width/2);

Objects, maybe?
  xmms::font = font("myfont", 12);
  xmms::widget::y = sys::dpy_height - xmms::font::height;
Functions? (ick, I'd really prefer to avoid this, though the centering
code above would be convenient as a function)

Conditionals? (if I get to this point, I'll just embed something python,
and I *really* want to avoid depending on a scripting language)

That was just off the top of my head. I think I can handle that, though.
More rewrites to the plugin API will be required, of course...

I just remembered that my CS final project is due tomorrow and I haven't
started (it's 8pm here). OK, this can wait a few days. :(

Evan Martin - martine@speakeasy.org

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