[Further-devel] new to the further scene

From: Brendon Davidson (bdavidson@mail.utexas.edu)
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 10:50:57 PDT

hey guys, I just found out about further the other day on the e-devel list.
I'd like to possibly try helping out if I can. However, I can't seem to get
further working properly... The only modules that actually show up on the
screen are the launcher and the bar for the cpustat. None of the other
things show up. Any ideas?

Output from further when I run it is:
Loading plugin: Launcher.
Loading plugin: CPU Stats.
Loading plugin: Clock.
Loading plugin: Mail.
Loading plugin: Task Switcher.

Which seems normal, but as I said, only the launcher and the cpustat's bar
show up. Also, you'll notice there's no xmms in that list. That's because
I keep getting this error:
Loading plugin: ./further: error while loading shared libraries:
/home/brendon/further/plugins/xmms/xmms.so: undefined symbol:

Well, I'd appreciate any help. Thanks a lot

Brendon Davidson | University of Texas at Austin
http://www.bdsabian.com | Computer Science Major
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