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From: Chris Ball (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 11:07:03 PDT

On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 12:50:57PM -0500, Brendon Davidson wrote:
> hey guys, I just found out about further the other day on the e-devel list.
> I'd like to possibly try helping out if I can. However, I can't seem to get
> further working properly... The only modules that actually show up on the
> screen are the launcher and the bar for the cpustat. None of the other
> things show up. Any ideas?

Hi, Brendon.

Further's great, and I installed it from scratch today - but it's not
particularly wonderful at working without some poking yet. We'll get
there. :)

The reason you're missing a launcher is that the pixmaps aren't present.
Quick fix would be to 'locate gnome-term.png', and ln -s $thatdir

The reason you're missing everything else is that you don't have the
font we're using. It's tahomabd (and georgia) of M$ Office fame, and is
released for free, through under a restrictive license. There's a BSD
port in /usr/ports/x11-fonts/webfonts, and a Debian entry in (I think)
non-free somewhere. If neither of those, appeal, there's:

Of course, you don't have to use our fonts. The fonts are specified in
$basedir/plugins/*/settings.h - in the case of the launcher, this also
specifies the pixmaps directory that's causing you troubles.

> Loading plugin: ./further: error while loading shared libraries:
> /home/brendon/further/plugins/xmms/ undefined symbol:
> xmms_remote_is_running

We're using an xmms package that lets remote apps control xmms; it
provides "xmms_remote.h". Like most of further, it's Evan's work - maybe
he can give a clue as to where you'd get hold of it. I thought up to now
that it was part of xmms, but it could be in a -devel package, I guess -
or you can have a broken xmms setup. No idea which.

Hope some of this helps. It's worth the work, promise. :)


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