[Further-devel] preliminary furtherconf

From: Evan Martin (evan@livejournal.com)
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 10:01:33 PDT

In CVS there's a new executable: "furtherconf".

I started writing it, anyway, in Gtk-Perl, but then I realized that a
GUI configurator is a waste of time. :)

I got it parsing the configuration file and displaying it in a tree.
It doesn't really do anything, though.

If anyone would like to finish it... go for it.

Gtk-Perl is fun, though, and I'd be happy to help with any GUI work.

I may have gone about it in the wrong way; it'd be more appropriate to
have one page per plugin, with check boxes and such.
That could be automated... hmm... maybe I will put some more time into
it. :P

    Evan Martin

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